Help Terminated Employees Find New Employment

Help Terminated Employees Find New Employment

Your company may be losing valued employees due to layoffs, a reorganization, a sale, or personal reasons. We can help them search for and obtain new employment.

Why Huey Enterprises?

Because we are less expensive, and more effective than outplacement firms.  Our executive search activities identify the best employers, and continuously expose us to all facets of the hiring process.

The outplacement industry is mainly staffed with former human resources managers and corporate recruiters.  They know how to hire, but lack our in-depth knowledge of how to find, evaluate, and secure new positions.

Outplacement firms convey advice through seminars and manuals.  That advice tends to be “one size fits all,” and once you have it, you are on your own.  Most won’t tell you what percentage of their clients find new positions, which suggests they have room for improvement.

We offer the convenience of One-On-One counseling by phone.

Huey Career Advice clients call us whenever they need support.  This let’s us provide advice that is pertinent, and immediately useful.