Career Advice


Resumes and other background information of Huey Career Advice clients will remain in our active database for at least five years.  While there, your qualifications and preferences will be automatically reviewed for a fit with our search assignments.

During your active, renewable HCA plan, you may call us as often as needed for our advice.

You may request the following handouts:

Sample Resume Format
Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Partial List of Topics


  • Resume format and content refinement
  • Resume addendums – what/when to add
  • Content to maximize your negotiating posture

Finding Positions

  • Ways to identify best positions to pursue
  • Ways to apply for advertised/not advertised positions
  • How to select/work with search firms
  • Ways we can contact employers for you

Hiring Process

  • Mistakes to avoid when interviewing
  • Questions you must ask/not ask when interviewing
  • Right answers for tough questions employers ask
  • How to know if an employer is serious about hiring
  • How to know if you are a serious contender
  • Ways to limit the length of a hiring process


  • When/how to ask for an offer
  • How to know if an offer is final or negotiable
  • How to accept/reject an offer
  • Your special needs – how/when to address

Transition After Acceptance

  • Right and wrong ways to give notice
  • How to identify/ react to counter offers
  • Exit interviews – how to avoid and why