Career Advice

Career Advice

Who Needs Us?

Mid-Career Executives/Professionals pursuing new employment discretely while still employed, or aggressively while unemployed.  We provide a sounding board to support their efforts.

Why Huey Enterprises?

For decades, our executive search firm has assisted parties on both sides of the hiring table. We understand all aspects of the hiring process.

Our advice goes beyond that of most career advisers, whose counsel is based on prior experience as corporate recruiters or human resources managers.  We identify areas to avoid, and effective solutions for problems.

If your career has been successful, you have probably had few opportunities to interview.  Limited practice in finding and securing a new position makes it more likely that costly mistakes can be made.

There are certain principles and practices common to successful employment searches, but there is no “one size fits all” formula for success.  Every search is unique, and must take into account an individuals unique capabilities and experience.  For best results, a strong negotiating posture must be developed and maintained.

We offer the convenience of One-On-One counseling by phone.

Huey has answers for your tough hiring process questions. We know what works, where mistakes are made, and how they can be avoided.  For example, learn the best ways to answer:

  • How much do you expect us to pay you?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What is/was wrong with your current or last position?

Other topics include how to: accept / negotiate / reject offers; turn in your notice; identify and deal with counteroffers.  More topics are listed on the Benefits page.”

We provide “as needed” hiring and interviewing support.  Huey Career Advice clients call us as often as they like to help them find, and secure new positions.


For Employers of Terminated Employees

If you are a company who wants to help terminated employees find a new position.