Are you making these mistakes
in your executive hiring process?

Executive Search Consultants

Huey Enterprises, Inc. is an executive search firm operating worldwide.  We focus on executive and professional level positions.  Our executives have over 60 years of search experience.

Our main areas of specialization are the real estate, construction and retail industries.  Foreign assignments  have been based in diverse locations, such as, Dubai, Melbourne, and Tokyo.

We have also secured key employees for a variety of other industries.

We limit our clients to a few quality firms in every industry segment served.  This allows us to maintain excellent sources for talent.

Career Advisers

Companies engage us to provide “when needed” advice to terminated employees.  Our counsel supports the entire process of finding and securing a new position.

Also, executives and professionals faced with a mid-career crossroad contact us directly for advice.

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Help Terminated Employees Find New Employment

Traditional approaches are often an expensive waste of time and money.  Our alternative gets results.